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Dramatic Analysis

Camille and Other Plays
The tragedy of the duchess of malfi
Marat Sade
The Cherry Orchard
She Stoops To Conquer
Look back in anger
Jacobean Drama
An Ideal Husband
Juno and the paycock
Agame at chess
Discussions of modern american drama
Aureng -Zebe
The Revenger`s Tragedy
The Language of modern drama
The Dramatic Experience
Character and Conflict
Modern Drama
The School For Scandal
Modern British Drama tists
English Melo Drama
Contemporary Irish Drama
The Norton introduction to literature
Dramatic Technique
Avant Garde drama
The plays of T.S, Eliot
Howard Barker politics and Desire
The love of agood man
Brecht and modern english dramatists
Elizabethan Drama and the Viewrs Eye
The complete Comdies of Terence
Tragdy and comedy
Essays in drama
Euripides III
Henrik Ibsen from Romanticisim to realisim
An introduction to drama
Social and political staire
The motif of the past in sam shepards
The Jew of malta
Equus with an introduction
Bertolt Brecht
The master Builder
Abblied criticim
Murder in the Cuthedral
Aman for all seasons with an introduction
The Alchemist
First year culture
American drama
Oedipus the king
Further practice in english
The tragical of the life and death of draustus
Astreetcar named desire
Aureng -Zebe
Masters of modern drama
Modern american drama
The Unexpected and the unspeakable in pinters
Rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead
Ancient greek literature
John Galsworthy strife with commentary and notes
The duchess of malfi
Language games and doubling in becktts waiting for godot astylistic
The Wild Duck
Language in chapmans bussy D`ambois
Eugene Ionesco
No mans land
Mother courage
Aman for all season
No exit and three other plays
Shakespear`s Henry (part1)
William Congreve complete plays
The Rivals
Brustein Theatre of Revolt
Morning/Becomes Electra/the emperor jones
King Henry (part 1)
Measure for Measure
The play boy of the western world
Waiting For Godot
An Ideal Husband
The Second Mrs.Tanqueray
The broken heart
She Stoops To Conquer
Modern drama an anthology critical essays
Black theater
Oedipus tyrannus
The School For Scandal
Romeo and Juliet
As You Like It
Ataste of honey
Oscar wild
The Merchant of Venice
The modern language review
Beaumont and fletcher
Gold smith and Sheridan
Greek tragedies volume2
Greek tragedies volume3
Thomas midelleton
The death of the play wright?
Glengarry glen ross
Contradictory characters
The lover-teaparty -the basement
our town
The shawl and prairie Duchie
2 Plays
Notes on Literature(Miton)N 9
Notes on Literature(Miton) N 27
Notes on Literature(Miton)N 41
Notes on Literature(Miton)N 47
Notes on Literature(Miton)N 51
Notes on Literature(Miton)N 57
Notes on Literature N 62
Notes on Literature N 65
Notes on Literature N 69
Notes on Literature N 73
Notes on Literature N 77
Notes on Literature N 85
Notes on Literature N 92
Notes on Literature N 103
Notes on Literature N 106
Notes on Literature N 116
Notes on Literature N 173
Notes on Literature N 129
Notes on Literature N 131
Notes on Literature N 133
Notes on Literature N 136
Notes on Literature N 142
Notes on Literature N 152
Notes on Literature N 159
Notes on Literature N 160
The glass Menagerie
Drama and Dramatic Arts
Bruste in Drama
Proceeding of The Internation Conference in
David Mamet
The Concise Oxford Companion to The Theatre
The Green and The Red
Alienation and Brecht`s The Atre
The Cam Bridge Companion To T.S.Eliot
Edward Albee: An Unfashionable yealist
To Criticize the Critic and other writings
john ford and The Traditional Moral Order
The Princeton Hand Book of Poetic Terms
Matthew Arnold Dover Beach
Anton Chekhov Selected Works in Two Volumes
The World of Jean Anouilh
Bond Astudy of His Plays
A Student`s Guide to The Plays Of Samuel
Tis Pity She`s Awhore and Other Plays
The Shoemaker`s Holiday
The Crucible
Waiting For Godot
Forty Yearson and Other Plays
Harold Pinter
Notes on Sheridan`s The School For Scandal
The lady with A lamp
Collected Plays 2
The Use of Poetry and The Use of Criricism
Matthew Arnold
Ben Jonson
The Alchemist
The Wesker Trilogy
The Sacred Wood
The Modern Theatre
Odets The Plays Wright
Bertolt Brecht Collected Plays
Plays : Two
The Mother
Richard Dutton
Ben Jonson
The Alchemist
O`neill and The Sea
The Iceman Cometh
Six Short Plays of Eugene O`neill
Long days Journey into nights
A Reinter Pretation
Eugene O`neill
The Emperor Jones
Eugene O`neill and The Tragic Tension
Contour in time
Four great plays
Drama from Ibsen to brecht
The master Builder and other plays
Adolls House .The wild duck
The Wild Duck
Adoll`s house
From Ibsen`s workshop
The riddle of fire and ice
The Warriors of Helgeland
More Stately Mansions
The complete major prose plays
Harold Clurman
Ben Jonson acollection of critical essans
The motif of the past in sam shepards
How good david mamet any way?
Critics on marlowe
Regents Restoration Drama
The man of mode
The Author`s farce
The elements of drama
20th century rench drama
The tragical history of doctor faustus
Modern Judgements selection of critical essays
Flamery o`connor
William Wycherley
Bertolt Brecht
Shakespear modern essays in criticism
Early Shakespears
Shakespear and Religion
John midelleton murry
The language of shakespears
Look back in anger
Ideas of greatness
Artifical Persons
Harold pinter:you never heard such silence
Every man in his Humour and the Alchemist
The subject of tragdy
Sciller`s Drama/Talent and integrity
Yeats and the Theatre
Collected Plays
Theary of literature
Poetic Drama as mirror of the will
Shakespear the professional
The whole Journey /Shakespear`s power
Shakespear`s English King`s
Shakespears Design
Shakespear`s festive comedy
Discovering Shakespear`s meaning
Shakespear`s Tragic Heroes
Shakespear`s and The Revolution of The Times
Areader`s Guide to William Shakespear
The Weak king Dilemma in The Shakespears History
The Evolution of Shakespears Comedy
The Question of Hamlet
Shakespears Astudy and Research Guide
Astreetcar named desire
The Crown of Life
Essays in drama
A Dolls House
Wole Soyinka
New American Dramatists 1960-1980
The Stranger In Shakespeare
Tales From Shakespeare
Shakespeare The Histories
Shakespeare The Comedies
Twentieth Centhury Interpretations Of King Lear
Twentieth Centhury Interpretations Of Coriolanus
Twentieth Centhury Interpretations Of All For Love
Twentieth Centhury Interpretations Of Julius caesar
The Overreacher Astudy of Chirstopher Marlowe
Brcht and Modern English Dramatists
The Problem of Style
The Second Wave
Wesker The Play Wright
Modernism in Modern Drama
Pinter Astudy Of His Plays
Commedy of Mannares
Eugene Ionesco
A Bsard Drama
Shakespear`s Problem Comedies
The Genius Of The French Theater
An Approaeh To Shakespear
Theatre Today
Stoppard The Play Wright
The Theatre of the Double
Critical Essaya on Eugene O`neill
Oscar wild
An Ibsen Companion
The Writings of J.M.Synge
Tom Stoppards plays
The Contemporary Theatre
Sheridan and the drama of Georgian england
Contemporary theatre
Six dramatists in search of alanguage
Moral Experiment in Jacobean Drama
The Camridge Companion to Eugene O`neill
The Language of D.H.Lawrence
The Language of George Orwell
The Language Jane Austen
A Preface to Yeats
A Preface to Conrad
A Preface to Hardy
A Prefance to Keats
A Prefance to Spenser
Desire Under The Eims
A Reader`s Guide to Grorge Orwell
The Haunted Heroes of Eugene O`neill
Twayne`s United States Authors Series
Modern British Drama tists
The Theater of British Dramatists
World Theater
The Process of Drama
A Short Guide to Modern Brtitsh Drama
John midelleton murry
The Growth and Structure of Elizabethan Comedy
Studies in Modern Drama
British Drama Since Shaw
Thomas midelleton and The Drama Realism
The Question of Hamlet
The Art of Dramatic Writing
The Plain Dealer
Jacobean Theatre
The Blasphemers
A Short History of English Drama
Edward Albee; Play Wright in Protest
The Father
The White Devil
The Death of Cleopatra
A Dolls House
Bartholmew Fair
All for love
The duchess of malfi
A Midsummer Night Dream
The Taming of the shrew
The Seagull
The Merchant of Venice
Twentieth century British Drama
The Text of the Prince
Dreams and their meaning in the old arab tradition
Classical mythology
The Crucible
The glass Menagerie
Death of A Salesman
Tragdy and philosophy
Myth and history in marina carr`s and suzan loriparks drama
Twentieth century English history plays
T.S Eliot
Glossary of Literary Terms
English Literature
The Prince
An Outline Of English literature
English Critical Essays
Poetry,Proseof Gerard manley Hopkins
Montaigne Essays
Critical Studies



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