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Gargantua and pantagruel
The Idylls
The Heptameron
Jacques The Fatalist
Billy Budd, Sailor and other Stories
The Red badge of courage and other Stories
The Pilgrims Progress
The Milln on The Floss
Middle March
The Return of the Native
Aportrait of the Artist As Ayoung man
The Mayor of Casterbridge
Daisy Miller
Pride and Prejudice
Great Expectation
Oliver Twist
English Short Stories of Today
Mother`s milk
The night Watch
Engendering Fictions
Asentimental Journey Through
An Introduction to The English Novel
Aspects of The Novel
The Modern Writer and his World
D.H.Lawrence: Novelist
Jane Austen`s Novls
Narrative of The Life of Frederick Douglass
Virginia Woolf
Areader`s Guide to the Contemporary English Novel
Gulliver`s Travels
Novels of The Eighteen Forties
Silas Marner
Barron`s book Notes Animal Farm
Early Victorian Novelists
The Navajo
Aportrait of The Artist as ayoung Man
Hardy the Novelist An Essay in Criticism
A time to Kill
Out of sight
Billy Budd.Sailor
Jane Eyre
Peter Weiss
The old man and the sea
Top Girls
Heart of Darkness and The Secret Sharer
The Heart of Darkness
Night Mother
Double yoke
Robinson Crusoe
The secret of Child hood
Robinson Crusoe
Wings of DUST
Between the ACTS
The Deers Layer
Lytton Strachey
The Secret Garden
Pride and Prejudice
Jane Eyre
Josephy and Rews and Shamela
The Deers Layer
Wathering Heights
Bleak House
Four Short Stories
Billy Budd,Sailar and other Stories
Hanry Fielding
The good soldier
The Bostonians
Women in love
The weaver of raveloe
Light in August
Bleak House
An Anthology of short Fiction
The Norton Anthology of short fiction
The Go-Between
Great Expectations
The Palliser novels of antholgy trollope
Brave new world
Huck finn among the critics
A selection of world short stories
The short story and the reader
The Mythologizing of mark twain
MR. Clemens and mark twain
Billy Budd
An African millonaire
THE Man who was Thurs day
A passage to India
Moon Tiger
Robinson Crusoe
Sons and lovers
The swis family robinson
A science fiction reader
A portrait of the artist as ayoung man
Woman in love
Voltaire condide.Zading and selected stories
Spring Snow
Steinbeck of mice and man
Selected short stories
Uncle toms Cabin
The good city
Growing UP Human
Jane Eyre
The floating Opera
Dibs:In search of self
Selected Stories
The Ambassadors
Four Sherlock Holmes Blays
great Expecttions
The Time Machine
Aquestion of Power
Every man
Lord of The Files
Eyeless in Gaza
The Mayor of Casterbridge
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
The Secret River
Ten Modern Masters
Come to The Circus
The Inheritance of loss
The Adventures of Tomsawyer
An Introduction to Fiction,Poetry,And Drama
Animal Farm
Apreface to Dickens
Brother to Deagons
Jude The Obscure
The American
Myths and Foiktales
Moby Dick
Adam bede
Caligula and 30Other Player
Roman Britain and Early England 55 B.C _ A.D 871
The Praise of Folly And Other Writings
Humanism in The English Novel
Carry Me Down
Our Ground Time Here Will be Brief
The Moon is Down
Vanity Fair
The Man of Property
Tales and Stories
To Build A Fire
To The Light House
Laurence Sterne
William Hazlitt
The Golden Fieece
Sheridan .
The Mill on The Floss
Go Down, Moses
Shorter Novels of The Eighteenth Century
Eighteenth Century
Not to Disturb
Twentieth Century
The Good Soldier
Wines Burg, Ohio
Wings of Dust
A Passage to India
Barchester Towers
Oroonoko or The Royal Slave
Jelly baby and Other Problem Pets
A Book of Essays
Jude The Obscure
Aspects of The Novel
The Short Story And The Reader
The Father
A character Shetch of Emily Grierson
Let The Forest Judge
Great Expectations
Things Fall apart
A Sentimental Journey
The Essayist As Critic
Lord of The Flies
Spectrum One
Notes On Literature
Critiques on Fiction
Comments on Miscellaneous
Rudyard Kipling Kim
First Year Literature
Text Analysis
Pioneers of Fiction Acollection of Critical Essays
Barron`s Book Notes Animal Farm
Tales of Europe
English Fiction of The Victiorian Period 1830-1890
Heming Way:Expressionist Artist
The Waves
Pride and Prejudice
The English Novel
Gulliver`s Travels
Jude The Obscure
The Life and Strange Surrizing Adventures of Robin
Tess of The D`urbervilles
Stalky and Co
Nineteen Eighty - Four
The Art of The Novel
The Power and The Theglory
The Craft of Fiction
The Out Casts of Poker Flat
Oliver Twist Whole Heart And Soul
The English Novel From Richardson Tosir Walter Sco
The Mind And Art Of Jonathan Swift
Virginia Woolf - The Major Novel
Novelists on The Novel
Mark Twain Journal
Madame Bovary
The Old man And The Sea
Heming Way: Experssionist Artist
Studies in The Sun Also Rises
Lance St John Butler
To The Lightohouse
Robinson crusoe
Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre
The Twentieth Century Novel
Study _ aids
Pride And Prejudice
Macmillan Master Guides Sonsand Lovers
Ernest Henning Way
Astudent`s Guide To animal Farm
Areaders Guide To Graham Greene
The Brontes
Night Mother
Pride And Prejudice
F.Scott Fitzgerald Acollection Of Criticalessays
Classic English Short Stories
Gulliver`s Travels
The Great Gatsby
Jude The Obscure
The Mayor Of Casterbridgte
Brighton Rock
Oliver Twist
Lord of The flies
Gulliver`s Travels
Great Expectationes
The Return of The Native
Lord Of The Files
Sons and lovers
A passage to India
Sones and Lovers
Wurthing Heightes
Great Expectation
Bartleby the Scrivener and benlto cereno
Twentieth Century interpretations of black house
Moll Flanders
Clarissa Harlowe
Sons and lovers
Apreface to Forster
Melvilles moby Dick
Diclens acollection of critical Essays
Twentieth Century interpretations of Gullivers Travels
Gulliver`s Travels
Howards End
The river between
Sons and lovers
Charlotte Bronte
Emile Julie and other writings
The History of Rasselas prince of a by ssinia
Main Travelled Roads
Dangling Man
Alexls Castle
Aspects of The Novel
The Autobiography of Alice B. toklas
The parabolical Element in melvilles billy budd
Notes On Literature Charles Dicknes2
Notes On Literature Tennyson 11
Notes On Literature Matthew Arnold12
Notes On Literature Conrad 26
Notes On Literature Chaucer 31
Notes On Literature Jane Austen 38
Notes On Literature Samuel Butler 39
Notes On Literature Henry Fielding 45
Notes On Literature Jane Austen 48
Notes On Literature D H Lawrence 49
Notes On Literature Chaucer 55
Notes On Literature Dickens 56
Notes On Literature Graham Greene 61
Notes On Literature George Eliot 72
Notes On Literature Forster 78
Notes On Literature William Golding 80
Notes On Literature Jonathan Swift 84
Notes On Literature James Joyce 86
Notes On Literature Lord Byron 87
Notes On Literature H G Wells 88
Notes On Literature E.M Forster 89
Notes On Literature W M thackeray 93
Notes On Literature Trollope 94
Notes On Literature Tobias smollett95
Notes On Literature Samuel Butler 77
Notes On Literature Coleridge 98
Notes On Literature DH lawrence100
Notes On Literature Charles Dicknes105
Notes On Literature Jane Austen 108
Notes On Literature Charlotte Bronte 113
Notes On Literature Matthew Arnold109
Notes On Literature Charles Dickens114
Notes On Literature Sir Walter Scott 115
Notes On Literature william Golding 119
Notes On Literature Henry James 122
Notes On Literature Jasephconard125
Notes On Literature E.M Forster 130
Notes On Literature Jane Austen 132
Notes On Literature Thomas Hardy 134
Notes On Literature iris Murdoch 137
Notes On Literature Wilkie Collins 139
Notes On Literature Thomas Hardy 140
Notes On Literature Chaucer 141
Notes On Literature Arnold Bennett 143
Notes On Literature Evelyn Waugh 146
Notes On Literature Henry James 147
Notes On Literature Emily Bronte 150
Notes On LiteratureThree Gothic Novels 151
Notes On Literature George Eliot 157
Notes On Literature D H Lawrence 162
Notes On Literature Lris Murdoch 166
Notes On Literature Lris Murdoch 167
Notes On Literature Lris Murdoch 168
Notes On Literature Lris Murdoch 169
Notes On Literature Lris Murdoch 170
Notes On Literature Joseph Conrad172
Notes On Literature Charles Dickens174
Notes On Literature W Somerset Maugham 176
Notes On Literature W Somerset Maugham177
Notes On Literature W Somerset Maugham178
Notes On Literature W Somerset Maugham179
Notes On Literature W Somerset Maugham180
Notes On Literature Thomas hardy 181
Notes On Literature Thomas hardy 182
Notes On Literature Thomas hardy 183
Notes On Literature W M thackeray 93
Notes On Literature James Joyce 86
Uncle toms Cabin
Virginia Woolf -Mrs Dalloway
The Rbetoric of Fiction
Daniel Defoe
Aman for all seasons
Selected short stories
The Victorian Novel
Charlotte Bronte:The Novels
W.Somerset Maugham
The oder Fontane
The third life of grange copland
Oliver Twist
American Fiction 1865-1940
The Singer of tales
The power and The glory
Every MAN in his Humour
The white Pony
Stories and tales
To Build A Fire And other Stories
The Way of all flesh
The Moon is Down
Aman of the people
Jane Eyre
The Mill on The Floss
Wordsworth and Coleridge
The LIFe and adventures of Robineson CRUSOE
The Writings of Jonathan Swift
The Return of The Native
The Mayer of Casterbridge
Gulliver`s Travels
Moby Dick
Bleak House
Jane Eyre
Heart of Darkness
The Confidence Man
The Prince
Tess of The D`urbervilles
Lord Jim
Hard times
Crime and Punishment
Sister Carrie
Faulkner Acollection of critical Essays
Matthew Arnold
James Baldwin
Aldous Huxled
What is Called thinking
Jude The Obscure
Sons and lovers
Great Expectations
Wuthering Heights
Thess of The D`urbervilles
The Birth of Tragedy and The Genealogy of Mords
The Well Wrought Urn
A Mong The Dahlias
The Murder Of Roger Ackroyd
Oliver Twist
A portrait of the artist as ayoung man
On The Beach
Season Of Migration To The north
Aman of the people
The War Of the Worlds
Literature in Perspctive
The Novel
Mansfield park
Crome Yellow
The Twentieth Century Novel
Gulliver`s Travels
The Writer
The Rbetoric of Fiction
Barron`s Simplified Approach to Ernest Heming Way
The power and The glory
Views on The Art of The Novel
The English Novel
Neil Simon
Doris Lessing And Sufi Equilibrium
Oliver Twist
Great Expectations
The Moon is Down
The Wedding Of Zein
Antonin Artaud
Things Fall apart
Green Mantle
Wuthering Heights
Sentimental Education
Agnes Grey
John Crow Ransom
Twentieth Century Interpretations Of Robinson Crusoe
Trouble for Lucia
Gulliver`s Travels
The Time Machine
Eminent Victorians
Howards End
THE Man who was Thurs day
The Histories
The Novel And The Reader
Jane Austen`s
The Rise of The Igbonovel
Gulliver`s Travels
APreface to Forster
Wuthering Heights
Somerville And Ross
Operation Mastermind
Dickens The Novelist
Wuthering Heights
The Beginnings of The English Novel
Eudora Wetty; Two Pictures one In her Frame
The Norton Anthology of short fiction
Jane Austen
Rosemary Ashton
George Orwell
E.Lynn harris
charles Dickens
Charlotte Bronte
charles Dickens
Thomas Hardy
john Mcwillams
Jane Austen
Alan Battersdy
John Buchan
charles Dickens
Doris Lauer
charles Dickens
Dr.James Dobson
Nikolai Gogol
Virginia Woolf
Niccolo Machavlli
Edgar Allan poe
Anthony Hope
William Congreve
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Arthur Miller
George BernardShow
Emily Bronte
Jeanne Betancourt
Henry James
Jules Verne
Virginia Woolf
George Orwell
Lawrence Sterne
Mildred D.Taylor
Paulo Colho
Emily Bronte
Margaret Drabble
Charlotte Bronte
Thomas Hardy
John Steinbeck`s
Gearge Eliot
John Steinbeck`s
Jane Austen
Joseph Conrad
Denis Diderot

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